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All patients are delivered at Aiken Regional Medical Centers, which has been awarded a Level II certification for their neonatal care unit. This was determined on the basis of skilled hospital nurses, equipment, and facilities available at the hospital.

All AOGA obstetricians as well as the hospital staff are fully trained and qualified to deal with high risk pregnancy complications.

Multiple birthing options including epidural anesthesia, is available through Aiken Regional’s anesthesia department. That same department offers a one hour informative class outlining anesthesia options which is provided free of charge.

Each patient is strongly recommended to attend the Childbirth Education Classes given at the hospital. AOGA will also discuss appropriate reading material and educational information.

This is a group practice, and although one physician will be primarily responsible for each patient’s pregnancy journey, it is possible that one of the other physicians in AOGA group may be on call at the time of your delivery. Patients are encouraged to meet each AOGA physician to meet each of our obstetricians during the course of each pregnancy.

A group practice such as AOGA assures access to continuous and consistent medical care. Doctors and medical records always available to ensure quality of care.

We do not perform elective abortions.

AOGA offers a full range of gynecologic services including periodic checkups, infertility evaluations, hormone replacement therapy, office and outpatient gynecologic surgery, major gynecologic surgery, subspecialty referrals when necessary, and coordination of care with other specialists. As noted below, we provide medical imaging services such as Ultrasonography and Referral for Mammography, and Osteoporosis screening.

You may choose the physician of choice for periodic checkups and scheduled visits. In the case of an emergency, one of the other physicians or nurse practitioners in the group will be immediately available. As a group practice, all AOGA practitioners have access to your medical records to insure familiarity with medical histories.

Ultrasound is available in our office, aiding in diagnosis without a delay. Our sonographers are registered diagnostic medical sonographers. We perform pelvic (gynecologic) and obstetrical ultrasounds, both transabdominal and transvaginal, as well as breast ultrasounds.

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